Kutani Collection

Kutani porcelain is named after a village in Japan where traditional skills of potting and painting originated nearly 400 years ago and continues to this day. This cottage industry uses these skills to produce our unique lamp bases in stunning colours and designs, meaning Kutani lamps will undoubtedly be the antiques of the future. Special stone is quarried for the porcelain at Hanasaka and followed by fourteen different processes, from forming on the potter’s wheel to hand painting and final firing in gold. 

Final assembly is completed to the highest standards in the UK using traditional wooden bases and brass fittings. The lamps in this catalogue are hand thrown and hand painted, base only pieces are complemented with Rochamp shades which are among the best on the market for quality and finish.

Sadly the production of Kutani is in decline. As the craftsmen and women retire, few young people take up the skills required. Interiors 1900 has played an important part in supporting this craft for the past 20 years, and we are pleased to be able to offer you the opportunity to own a unique piece of this rare art.