Rochamp Collection

Interiors 1900 are pleased to be able to offer both traditional solid brass lighting from Rochamp, and a small selection of fittings with a brass plated finish. The use of solid brass results in a rich, warm and authentic look and feel that cannot be replicated by brass plate.

The Rochamp solid brass collection is made entirely by hand, using traditional sand casting techniques passed down through generations. A wooden model of the design is created, from which a mould is made by setting the model in a box filled with sand to form an impression of the piece to be made. Channels are then added and once the molten brass is ready it is poured carefully in. When the metal is cool enough it is released from the mould and allowed to cool further in the open air. Excess sand and stray metal is wire brushed off, inspected and finished by skilled craftsmen to ensure the brass lighting is of the highest quality. Castings from the mould are inspected and finished by skilled craftsmen to ensure the fittings have a perfectly smooth surface, and that detailing is crisp. If any detail is lost it is added again by hand. The parts are then polished before being patinated to give an aged look.

We favour a mellow finish, bright but softened by a slight patination. Our brass products are lacquered to ensure that the finish lasts without polishing. It is important not to polish our brass products with an abrasive brass polish as this will damage the lacquer. Normally a light dusting or cleaning with a slightly damp cloth is all that is needed.