Tiffany Collection

Louis Comfort Tiffany, the son of the famous jeweller, was America’s largest advocate of the Art Nouveau movement and founded this prestigious, world renowned glass work. The Art Nouveau and Art Deco movements are clearly defined in both his original designs and those that we, at Interiors 1900, have on offer today.

Each Tiffany shade is handmade. It starts out as concept from one of our designers. From this a drawing is created and sent to our factory to make a prototype shade for us. After approval a plaster impression of the shade is made which becomes a pattern or mould to lay out glass during production. We use three grades in our shades, Tiffany glass, Art glass and Premium art glass. These are specially selected for their colour and light transmission.

The glass itself is hand crafted by mixing glass colours whilst molten. Using this technique means that each panel of glass is unique and the variations of colour and texture give ‘life’ to the glass. The glass pieces are cut to the correct shape by hand and the edges wrapped in copper foil before being placed in the plaster mould. At each stage the glass is carefully soldered into place before the next section is started. Once completed the shade is removed from the mould and the pattern is checked before soldering the external joints for strength. When the shade is completed it is checked against the pattern and once approved, a dark patina is added to the solder to finish the product.

This carefully skilled creation, coupled with quality and the lustre of the art-glass used, ensures that each Tiffany shade is a high quality, unique piece of craftsmanship.